A payment account for doing business globally

Get your dedicated IBAN number in less than 24 hours
Start sending money all over the world for as low as € 9.90 / month
Try and test: Apply by 30 November and receive a 3-month trial
with no monthly fee


Why DynaPay?

Get the best account for a European business with global partners.
Make it your primary account or use it alongside existing accounts.

Our Business Accounts are best suited for

Small business with international activities

Companies with subcontractors based abroad

Companies with neo-businesses (IT, Tech, etc) and PSPs

Trade companies

What does it cost?

  • GBP and EUR IBANs
  • Free Merchant Account
  • Fast onboarding
  • Customer Support
  • Get custom reporting instantly
  • Multi-user access
  • API access with bulk payments functionality

€ 9.90 / month

Price may vary according to your risk score

All the tariff details

Our products

Business Account

  • Be up and running within just 24 hours
  • Open and manage your account entirely online
  • Global payments in EUR and GBP
  • Instant custom reporting
  • Multi-user access
  • Customer support

Merchant Account

  • Process VISA and Mastercard incoming and outgoing payments in multiple currencies
  • 3D-secure payments processing backed with sophisticated fraud detection
  • Tokenized card details for scheduled payments
  • Improved chargeback support
  • Automated and streamlined payment process
  • One-click payments for returning customers
  • In-depth reporting and analysis on demand
  • Integration via:
    • Payment link
    • Host-to-Host integration through our open API with your website or mobile application. (Details at docs.dynapay.co.uk/api/)