About Us

DynaPay is a UK based provider of intelligent and flexible FinTech solutions for any type of your business.

We offer Payment Acceptance Services, Payment Accounts and an open API which allows third parties to create value added services on top of our Legal, Technical and Banking infrastructure. DynaPay is a young and progressively thinking team of experts, following the ultimate goal of sharing its know-how in the FinTech industry. We run efficient risk management and continuous fraud prevention and focus on individual approach and continual support.

DynaPay is a part of DYNINNO Group that provide in-house IT solutions, lead generation and sales to brands operating in more than 50 markets worldwide. Experts in business process optimisation, DYNINNO Group are an international holding with more than 15 years in continuous development.

Group At a Glance

DynaPay is European provider of intelligent and flexible solutions for your business in the field of financial technologies. We offer a variety of services including acquiring, online payment, payment card processing, issuing electronic money and much more. DynaPay is a young and progressively thinking team of experts, following the ultimate goal of sharing our know-how in the FinTech industry. We focus on fraud and risk management, individual approach and continual support.

Offices in Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Egypt, India, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, and USA

Three divisions


  • October, 2020

    DynaPay launches a payment account for international business

    DynaPay are happy to announce the launch of a business account, tailored to the needs of business clients across Europe and the UK. It is specially designed to support cross border transactions and e-commerce, and ensures borderless, seamless and fast banking, starting from 9.90 EUR per month, with a free no-fee 3-month trial.
    The account offers a range of essential services for businesses – quick onboarding, EUR and GBP unique IBANs, European and International payments, live customer support, a free merchant account for accepting payments on your website and on your app. DynaPay accounts come with multi-user access, instant custom reporting, mass payout functionality and many other benefits, well suited for international SMEs.
    “We are really excited about this product here at DynaPay and we encourage entrepreneurs from around Europe to try it. We also want to learn about your experience with it, so we welcome our clients to share their feedback about how they use our Business Account. Try it, test it and share your review with us.” – comments Konstantin Zaripov, Managing Director at DynaPay Ltd.

  • September, 2020

    DynaPay obtains a Payment Facilitator status from Visa and Mastercard

    We are pleased to announce that DynaPay has been awarded Payment Facilitator (PayFac) status by both Mastercard and Visa. This represents another major milestone in the growth of the company and opens up a whole new world of opportunity for us and our partners and merchant clients.
    Payment Facilitators, commonly known as PayFacs, secure a direct relationship with banks, following lengthy contract discussion and onboarding stages, which allows them in turn to onboard new merchants as sub-merchants for payment processing quickly. With this speedy onboarding, including much more straightforward integration options for clients, we can now offer new merchant clients a fast-track to live card payment operations and with the addition of the much more simple pricing structures which PayFac status enables, means that clients have a transparent view of fees and don’t need to worry about hidden fees and other charges.

  • July, 2020

    DynaPay obtains a UK Sort Code

    DynaPay Limited are pleased to announce our recent success in obtaining a UK Sort Code, which concludes an important step in our company’s growth plan and future strategy. A Sort Code is a unique bank code which helps to route transfers between financial institutions within the UK and will allow DynaPay to launch a whole range of GBP products, including GBP accounts, to meet the growing demands of our customers.

  • June, 2020

    DynaPay customer service 24/7

    Online bots have become a usual means of communication for many online businesses. However, we at DynaPay value personal communication the most, and therefore we provide individual and personal customer service to each client. Our sales, customer support and operations are ensured by teams of professionals, happy to provide clients with all the necessary support 24/7. Join DynaPay payment account and never text with bots again.

  • May, 2020

    Open Banking with DynaPay

    DynaPay Open API technology gives fintech and non-fintech companies opportunities to scale business, make it more customer-oriented and help companies optimise the IT infrastructure development costs. Our Open API allows to avoid building a complex technical infrastructure from scratch and clients may focus on other essential elements of their businesses. DynaPay Open API is a bespoke white-label payment solution, available for all our business clients.

  • December, 2019

    DynaPay launches IBAN accounts for EUR payments

    DynaPay launches IBAN accounts to private and corporate customers in beta mode. Following the successful launch, now the product is fully operational. The IBAN account is assigned to each client individually, which ensures precise and prompt payment execution globally, 24/7.

  • November, 2019

    DynaPay is SEPA and TARGET2 schemes participant

    DynaPay payment solution company is now SEPA and TARGET2 schemes participant which allows you to send and receive EUR payments in a most fast and safe way inside of EU and EEZ as well as outside of Eurozone.

Operating fields

Financial Technologies

DYNINNO Fintech is a rapidly growing financial technology company, which provides access to loans and payment services to under-served consumers and small businesses across Europe and other regions. We build our business with a long-term view and a substantial capacity to scale. DYNINNO Fintech’s current product offering includes short-term loans, installment loans, lines of credit, and acquiring services.

Our business model is built upon

  • Data analysis
  • Sales excellence
  • In-house IT solutions
  • Strong expertise in the lending industry
  • Digital marketing
  • Advanced customer support service
  • Constantly growing widely experienced team of professionals

Travel Technologies

DYNINNO Travel Technologies division is known as ITN and AsapTickets among business clients and individuals. ITN is the 7th largest consolidator in the United States. AsapTickets, founded in 2001, specialises in providing the best flight deals that are not available online and other travel related services completed with personalised 24/7 customer support.

Our business model is built upon

  • Agents nurtured outside the US
  • Modern infrastructure and tools for the agents
  • Strategically located training centres
  • Help with lead generation and building a customer base
  • Sophisticated sales and post-sales support system

Entertainment Technologies

DYNINNO’s Entertainment division provides innovative, easy-to-use platforms and technologies, connecting talents with the biggest figures of the entertainment business.


DYNATECH is the hub of operations and the key to DYNINNO Group’s success. DYNINNO Group rely on DYNATECH for all its IT solutions. DYNATECH creates cutting edge technology to enable our global success: from programming and design to technical support and maintenance.

Open to any challenge Exceptional expertise in the following fields

  • IT
  • Design
  • UX
  • Marketing
  • Social media communication
  • Risk optimisation
  • HR, PR and other.

Contact us

25 Park Lane, London, UK, W1K 1RA

Phone: +44 20 3519 1373 Email: info@dynapay.co.uk