Frequently asked questions

How fast is the account opening?

The account opening with DynaPay takes around 15 minutes for consumers and 24 hours* for businesses. 
*80% of businesses open the account within 24 working hours from the moment we receive all required documents.

Do you provide IBANs in the client's name?

Yes, DynaPay IBANs are always issued in the client’s or client’s company name depending on the type of account opened.

Is the account opening remote?

Account opening with DynaPay is completely remote and online – you will be able to get an IBAN quick and hassle-free.

Is a video conference required for account opening?

For the time being, we do not require a video conference.

Do I need to send original documents, when the account is opened?

No, scans of documents are just enough to open the account.

Is the account opening free?

Account opening for consumers is free, while we charge a fee when opening accounts for business to cover costs of compliance procedures. Feel free to get in touch with us at with brief information on your business to get our price list.

Which currencies do you provide?

Right now, we provide EUR currency accounts. We are about to introduce a USD currency account.

Do you provide GB account numbers (or only IBANs)?

At the moment, we provide only GB based IBANs.

Do you support SEPA transfers?

Yes, we do support SEPA transfers.

Do you support payments outside the EU?

Yes, international payments are supported via TARGET2 payment scheme, which works within and outside of the EU.

Do you provide payment cards?

We plan on introducing payment cards within the next couple of months. Stay tuned for updates.

What countries can I make payments to?

We support payments to most countries with a few exceptions. If you have a question regarding a specific country, feel free to get in touch with us at

How do I use my account?

We provide an online account to our registered clients. The account can be accessed using the email address and a unique password that you create during the registration.

Do you have digipass or 2-step verification?

Our client accounts are secured with 2-step verification.

Can the account have several users?

Yes, after the account is opened, more users can be added to it after completing the required KYC checks.

Can I change my email or phone number after the account is opened?

For the convenience of our clients, we provide such an option.

Do you support bulk payments?

Yes, we do. We provide API access to your account so that you can manage your funds.

Do you provide payouts to cards?

This is something we plan on introducing soon. Stay tuned for updates.

What nationalities do you accept?

While our main focus is on EU clients, our list of accepted nationalities is wider than that. Feel free to get in touch with us at to know more.

What company jurisdictions do you accept?

We accept all EU, EEA companies, as well as Hong Kong and Canada.

Where are you based?

DynaPay Limited is a UK registered company with headquarters at 25 Park Lane, London, UK W1K 1RA.

What kind of license do you have?

DynaPay Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom with reference number 900840.

Who are the owners of the company?

DynaPay is a part of Dyninno Group. Dyninno Group holds offices in 13 countries and staffed with more than 2000 employees.

What is your custodian bank? Where the client’s money is kept?

DynaPay has several partner banks in Europe.

Do you have a branch I can come to?

DynaPay provides services completely online for the ease of clients. However, if required, you can visit our office in London.

How long is DynaPay on the market?

DynaPay has been operating since 2017.

Do you have Customer Service?

Yes, we provide Customer Service to our clients, as we tend to take care of our customers the best way possible!

Do you accept US customers?

Yes, we accept US customers.

How safe is my money? Do you provide a guarantee for the funds?

EU based E-money institutions do not provide a security deposit guarantee.
However, unlike banks, E-money institutions including DynaPay don’t invest clients’ funds, which creates additional security. Clients’ funds are kept separately from DynaPay's funds on a segregated account.

Do you participate in information exchange with other countries?

We follow FCA guidance regarding this.

What about Brexit, how does it affect you as a UK EMI?

UK left EU, however, it remained within SEPA zone. Financial Services has always been a very important segment of UK economics, and we are sure the UK and EU would come to a mutually beneficial agreement on the subject.

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