Frequently asked questions

How fast can I open an account?

Do you provide IBANs in the client's name?

Is the account opening remote?

Is a video conference required for account opening?

Do I need to send original documents, when the account is opened?

Is the account opening free?

Which currencies do you provide?

What kind of payments do you support?

Do you provide GB account numbers (or only IBANs)?

Do you support SEPA transfers?

Do you support SWIFT transfers?

Do you provide local bank details for payments in the USA?

Can I receive or make payments in USD?

Do you provide payment cards?

What countries can I make payments to?

How do I use my account?

Do you have digipass or 2-step verification?

Can the account have several users?

Can I change my email or phone number after the account is opened?

Do you support bulk payments?

Do you provide payouts to cards?

What nationalities do you accept?

What company jurisdictions do you accept?

Where are you based?

What kind of license do you have?

Who are the owners of the company?

What is your custodian bank? Where the client’s money is kept?

Do you have a branch I can come to?

How long is DynaPay on the market?

Do you have Customer Service?

How safe is my money? Do you provide a guarantee for the funds?

Do you participate in information exchange with other countries?

What documents do I need to open Corporate Account with DynaPay ?

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