DynaPay Merchant Account

Payments Made Simple

DynaPay is a dynamic payment solution for business saving you time, money and stress.

Be busy always
A round-the-clock payment gateway supported by our experts so your business can flourish anytime, anywhere
Pay only what you need to
Do away with exchange rates and the cross border transfer charges of traditional banks so you can keep what you earn
Feel secure forever
Water-tight security systems designed to prevent fraud so you know your money is safe wherever it is
Grow at your pace
World-leading integration speeds and a simplification of process so you can scale always

Tailored Solutions Designed for You

Our customised online payment solutions are built to service the needs of all business types and with our break-neck integration speed we’ll have you up and running in just 14 days. Take a look at a just couple of examples below:

For e-commerce
Super fast and reliable payment procedures making life quick and simple for you and your clients.
For Travellers
A one-click, ultra secure booking system that gives your customers the most convenient and secure of journeys.
For Gamers
With a system designed for all models, we enable your gamers to top up their accounts as they go so you can keep your income stream flowing. And directly engage gamers with your own in-game shop where you can bring excitement to the next level.

Why DynaPay?

Transfer from home and abroad with just one click so your clients can operate on-the-go anywhere, always
Be in full control of the payment policy you provide by choosing whether to apply charges or not. Make transactions absolutely free for your clients or withdraw a small amount for every payment. With DynaPay, you decide
Sleep easy at night as an online business with our ultra secure solution that protects the data of both card holders and merchants. Say good-bye to fraudsters and hello to happy customers, higher profits and undisturbed dreams